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Thank you for taking the time to nominate one of our community members and businesses for a very prestigious honor! The PEOPLE and the BUSINESSES make Dolores great, and we are honored to recognize them!  Nominations are due by April 10, 2023.

The Dolores Chamber Board will take the final vote based on nominations and guidelines that we feel best represent the qualities of Citizen or Business of the Year.

Awards will be given at the Dolores Chamber Banquet.

Nomination form is below.

Citizen of the Year

A person that goes the extra mile for the community. They may display leadership, initiative, creativity and dedication. Through their involvement, they inspire others and make a difference in other’s lives. Consider the following in making your nomination:

  • Initiative – Demonstrates ability to take charge by creating or developing programs, projects, or activities that impact the community.

  • Creativity – Develops/proposes creative ways to accomplish things.

  • Dedication – Dedicated to achieving results.

  • Inspiration – Inspires others to better serve the community by challenging them to believe in something more.

Business of the Year

  • Contributes and promotes growth, stability and improvement.

  • May play a leadership role in civic activities. Gives of themselves in time and resources to the community.

  • Supports other local businesses.

  • Promotes the area as a good place in which to live and do business.

  • Demonstrates good customer service and community relationships.

  • Shows innovative and creative business practices.


For Dolores Citizen and/or Business of the year for 2022. Nominations are due by March 31, 2023. 

Nomination is For:

Thanks for submitting!

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