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dolores Community-Wide Yard Sale & FLEA Market

saturday, JUne 8, 2024


Printable Copies will be available at the Dolores Visitors Center and Dolores Businesses after June 4th, or can be picked up at the Flea Market at Joe Rowell Park on June 8th. Any last minute additions submitted after the deadline will be listed on this web page.

2024 yard sale map updated 6-7.png


  • Help us bring people to your door by making sure you list items that you are selling

  • We will provide a yard sale sign in your yard the night before your yard sale begins. The sign will have a number corresponding to the numbered location on the Community - wide map, along with hours your sale will run

  • You can add on Friday (June 7) or Sunday (June 9) to your sale, please list hours in the form below


  • Vendor locations are first come first choice at Joe Rowell Park on June 8th.

  • Setup on the grass between the first parking lot and the Pavilion. No tent stakes longer than 6" to protect the irrigation system

  • Setup can begin at first light on Saturday, after 5:30am. Food trucks can be dropped off the night before

  • DJ Music & Flea Market will go from 8am - 4pm on Saturday

  • $25 Booth Fee - Payment choices are below

    • Check: you can send a check to Dolores Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 602, Dolores CO 81323

    • Cash or Check: stop by the Dolores Visitor Center to pay cash or drop off a check and get a receipt after May 1st

    • Credit Card: pay online for your vendor booth here

Sign up for the Dolores Community-Wide
Yard Sale or Flea Market

Yard Sales and Business Sales sign up is free, but you or your business must reside within Dolores town limits to participate. Otherwise reserve a $25 booth at the Flea Market if you live outside of town.

SIGN-UP Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2024
I would like to sign up on JUNE 8th for:

Thanks for submitting!

Questions? Contact Susan Lisak, Chamber Director at (970)426-9902 or

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