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Dolores Outfitters

Dolores Outfitters


Dolores Outfitters is your one-stop shop for outdoor activities in the Dolores area!

  • OUTDOOR SUPPLIES: Fishing and camping gear, stoves and general food goods, hunting resources and hunting gear, tents, bags, tools, high-quality dog foods, Amsoil® lubricants.
  • JEEP RENTALS: Two door and four door jeeps let you explore the area in comfort and have ample suspension to get on those back roads today!
  • SIDE BY SIDE RENTALS: Polaris RZR 4 seater is a great platform to explore the area!
  • SNOWMOBILE & SNOWSHOE RENTALS: When it’s deep and steep, Dolores Outfitters can get you there; we also offer avalanche beacon rental and spot TM tracker rentals!
  • PADDLEBOARD RENTALS AND SALES: ATX paddleboards are a great way to get out and explore the local lakes and river, Rent yours today!
  • NRS RIVER SPORT EQUIPMENT:Tubes and rafts, for rent and sale.
  • ALPACA RAFT: Inquire here about the durable true and tested alpaca rafts!
  • The convenience of being a gas station that offers 91 octane NON-ETHANOL fuel!!

Cody and Katie are ready to get you out there, so stop by today and

 Let us outfit your next adventure. ®™





Mailing Address: 341 Railroad Ave

City: dolores

State: colorado

ZIP Code: 81323

Dolores Outfitters

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