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Goal Academy High School

Colorado’s Premier Blended Learning High School. It is your advantage – flexible schedule, experiential learning programs, and non traditional pathways.

Our individually tailored educational model allows our staff and students to create a customized education plan with lofty, yet achievable goals that will guide students to desired outcomes for their careers and life.

We believe that GOAL students will graduate with life skills, workforce readiness, and a strong academic background that will allow them to become productive members of society. This belief influences every decision we make. We are student–focused, which is why it is so important for us to create personalized pathways for each student’s success.


We measure success in terms of how many of our students achieve happiness in their life. In order to reach this level of success, we work together to determine what each student wants his or her future to look like. Once this has been determined, the real journey begins.


Business Address: 2531 E. Main St.

City: Cortez

State: CO

ZIP Code: 81321

Goal Academy High School

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