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Rimrock Outfitters

Rimrock Outfitters


We Do Cowboy Things!!

Experience the fresh mountain air and spectacular scenery of the La Plata Mountains from horseback! You can ride for an hour or all day or any time in between. Our trails wind around a lake, through pines and aspens, and across meadows with terrific views of the mountain peaks. Lofty lookouts offer views of all four states in the Four Corners. You may choose to have breakfast or a steak dinner along the trail, or camp out anywhere from overnight to four days.


Located 5 miles from Mancos, Colorado, 12 miles from Mesa Verde National Park, and 25 miles from Dolores, Colorado.


Business Address: 12175 Rd. 44

City: Mancos

State: CO

ZIP Code: 81328

Rimrock Outfitters

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