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Zumacom High Speed Wireless Internet

Zumacom High Speed Wireless Internet


Affordable    Local    Fast Internet

5 Mbps     10 Mbps     25 Mbps

Zumacom is based in Montezuma County and was formed to meet the need for high speed internet in the rural settings of Southwest Colorado.


Zumacom has launched a wireless network that delivers the best internet experience possible: ultra-fast, secure, high-speed internet delivered over our next generation WiFi network. Our WiMax radio equipment deliver high bandwidth at affordable prices. With Zumacom, customers get the best performance from their Smart TV, Blu-ray DVD Player, MMP Gaming Consoles, Desktop, Laptop, and growing array of in-home smart devices.


With 15+ years of professional experience designing and deploying advanced network solutions, Zumacom is the best choice for reliable, high speed home internet service.

(970) 403-5448

Mailing Address: PO Box 1196

City: Dolores

State: Colorado

ZIP Code: 81323

Zumacom High Speed Wireless Internet

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