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The Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado

The Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado facilitates the growth and effectiveness of philanthropic contributions and expands the culture of giving to meet the needs of our communities.


We inspires hope, leadership, and generosity in the region by bringing economic stability, professional development, and collaboration to the nonprofit sector.


As a community facilitator, the Community Foundation works to increase efficiency, sustainability, and success for nonprofits, while maximizing effective grantmaking for philanthropists, to make Southwest Colorado a better place to live. In 2019 the Community Foundation infused $1.8 million into the region. We invite you to create, grow and give funds through our careful management.


PO Box 1673

1309 E 3rd Ave.

Smiley Building, Suite 20 A

Durango, CO 81301


Phone: 970-375-5807
Fax: 970-375-5806



The Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado

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